Facing Your First Summer With Veneers? Tips To Keep Them Looking Great All Season

The summer months are often a time of family gatherings, barbecues and even picnics by the lake. These seasonal events and summer holiday celebrations can be a nightmare for your veneers. Even if your cosmetic dentist gave you some pointers about what to avoid and how to care for your new veneers, he or she can't address every potential temptation that comes your way. Here's a look at some general tips to help you brave those summer festivals, fairs and family parties without destroying your smile.

Enjoy the Softer Treats

Sometimes, buffet tables and picnic spreads can be littered with crunchy candy and brittles. Additionally, foods like candied apples, caramels and taffy are also staples of summer fairs and festivals. These types of treats are hard, sticky and difficult to eat. For people with fillings, crowns and veneers, they can be downright damaging. Instead, opt for the watermelon, fruit tarts and other soft sweets. This will let you soothe your sweet tooth without ruining it at the same time.

Let the Ice Melt

Especially during the summer months, it can be tempting to get a large drink with lots of ice to cool you off. While this is perfectly safe for your veneers, chewing on that ice isn't. It may be tempting to chew on those last few ice cubes for some added cooling benefits on those hot summer afternoons, but it's as bad for your veneers as it is for your natural teeth. Ice is very hard and can not only chip your veneers, but may even break them loose from your teeth.

Opt for a Fork and Knife

Some of the most common foods of summer barbecues include corn on the cob and barbecue ribs. Your cosmetic dentist will likely recommend that you eat foods like these with a fork and a knife to avoid putting excessive strain on your veneers. You don't want to risk breaking one loose by biting into something like a corn cob or trying to tear meat from a rib bone. The more attentive you are to the way that foods like this can damage your teeth, the better protected your veneers will be.

Fight Stains from Natural Summer Fruits

Natural fruits of the summer include a variety of fresh berries and citrus fruits. Unfortunately, many of these things have intense colors that can stain your veneers. Make sure that you are brushing your teeth frequently through the summer months, particularly during gatherings or any time you eat berries and similar staining foods. The frequent cleaning will help you protect your veneers from the dangers of food stains.

Invest in a Mouth Guard for Sports

If you're an active individual, you will want to ask about a custom mouth guard to protect your veneers from damage during your sports seasons. If your summer activity list includes things such as football, soccer or other sports, you'll want the mouth guard to keep your veneers cushioned from any potential impact. Your cosmetic dentist can help you with a custom-fit mouth guard designed specifically for your mouth and your veneers. Make sure that you tell him or her about your active lifestyle to ensure that you get a guard that will fit your needs.

Cosmetic dentistry work shouldn't keep you from enjoying your daily life. If you've just received your veneers, you may be wondering about what the summer has in store. Although some things are dangerous to your teeth, knowing what you should and shouldn't do can give you the confidence to get out there. If you follow these tips and reach out to your cosmetic dentist with any questions you might have, you'll be flashing that same flawless smile heading into fall.