5 Advantages Of Wearing A VR Headset At A Dentist Appointment

The reality of going to a dentist appointment is that many people would rather be anywhere else. Achieve a clean mouth and feel like you're somewhere else by enjoying the advantages of a VR headset, known as virtual reality headsets or head-mounted display. The devices are growing in the market and creating dynamic ways to experience the digital world. The next time you have a dentist appointment, consider the five advantages of wearing a VR headset and getting through the appointment a lot easier. With permission from your dentist or hygienist, it can completely transform the way your mouth is cleaned.

Lowering Anxiety Levels

One of the biggest advantages of using a VR headset is the ability to lower your anxiety levels. Instead of worrying about your cleaning, you can block everything out and focus on the screen in front of you. VR headsets give you the ability to watch movies through a number of streaming platforms by storing them on a storage device.

A number of VR apps can also give you relaxing experiences. For example, you can load an app that takes you to a beach resort. Experience the relaxing sounds of waves and enjoy incredible island views all while your mouth is getting cleaned.

Eliminating Visuals

For many people, stress and anxiety can be created through seeing various dental instruments. Picks, hooks, and metal drills can all create fear. By wearing a VR headset, all of those elements can be blocked out. A TV or other screen at a dental office still doesn't take your complete focus.

A VR headset has the ability to block your peripheral vision. This means that you won't be able to glance to the side and see the tray full of tools. Instead, every direction you look will represent the VR headset screen.

Eliminating Audio

Along with the visuals of a dentist, a VR headset has the ability to minimize the typical sound from a dental office. The whizzing, sucking, and drilling can all sound like distant background noises when wearing a VR headset. The headsets include built-in headphones that be adjusted to eliminate as many sounds as possible. You also have the option of connecting your own headphones. Noise-cancelling headphones make it easy to completely eliminate sounds.

To help relax, you can use the headset to play music videos. Through gentle taps, a dentist can get your attention when needed. A system can be set up to indicate when you need to spit, wipe your face, or perform another task when needed.

Head Comfort

Many dentists try to provide patients with televisions, pictures, or other visuals to enjoy during the appointment. As the cleaning starts, these visuals can become blocked or hard to see from certain angles. Instead of straining your neck and head, you can relax in full comfort with a VR headset.

No matter what direction or angle your head is at, a VR headset provides a clear view. You can fully rest your head back and enjoy the content that you want to access. When a dentist needs you to move, it's easy to adjust without blocking your view or causing problems.

TV Show Catch-Up

The average dental cleaning can range anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. This is the perfect amount of time to catch up on your favorite television program. With uninterrupted viewing, instead of dreading your next dentist appointment, you can look forward to watching the newest episode of your favorite TV show.

If the office has a free Wi-Fi connection, then it's easy to connect and stream through multiple video websites. A number of networks offer new episodes of shows for a few weeks after they originally aired.

After the initial set-up, it will get easier to use your VR headset during a dentist appointment. Make sure you get approval first so the dentist understands what you're coming in with and plan on wearing.

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