Coffee Enthusiasts: Benefits Of Clear Braces Over Plastic Aligners

Making permanent changes to your mouth can go a long way in protecting your smile, adding proper adjustments, and changing your oral health for the better. As an adult, it can be challenging to choose the proper braces for your daily life and living. Many adults opt out of traditional metal braces because of the obvious look that comes with them. This leaves two subtle options: clear braces or plastic aligner trays. While both have benefits, it's important to consider your daily activities and hobbies. If you are a coffee enthusiast that loves to drink coffee and enjoy on a daily basis, then clear braces may be the best option. Learning about clear braces and the associated benefits can make a huge difference on your decision for which mouth correction to chose.

Coffee on the Go

When drinking liquids like coffee, it is recommended that plastic aligners are removed from the mouth and placed in a protective case. This can be a real challenge if you love to get your coffee to go. Many people order coffee through drive-thru windows or pick up a quick cup at a gas station. This makes it a real challenge to have to remove your aligners while driving, going to work, or going to other locations. With clear braces, you can enjoy your coffee on the go and in any form that you chose. Not only do the clear braces stay in your mouth, but you do not have to delay any adjustments by removing them as you enjoy your coffee during the day.

Staining Teeth & Braces

Coffees and teas are both known as staining liquids. When consumed for an extended amount of time, these drinks can stain teeth and cause discoloration. This same process can also occur with the mouth adjustments that you choose. Plastic aligners can easily stain and change the color of your mouth. This can make your mouth look unsightly and force you to get a replacement tray if the staining becomes too bad. Newer technology has made it so that clear braces do not stain and remain invisible in your mouth. This allows you to enjoy your coffee without the constant worrying about the staining that's getting done to your braces.

Hot Liquids

The plastic aligners are a powerful way to move and adjust your teeth, but they are not invincible. Mixing hot coffee with the plastic trays can actually warp the trays and change the shape in your mouth. Clear braces are very strong and have the ability to withstand the heat that comes with coffee. Many people love their coffee hot and fresh from the pot. Waiting too long to let it cool can take away from the satisfactory feeling and delicious flavors that come with a fresh brew. Choosing clear braces allows you to keep your routine and enjoy hot temperatures without messing up any of your braces. That way you can enjoy your coffee from some type of thermal cup that keeps coffee hot for hours at a time.

Quicker Adjustments

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal for any coffee lover to have the mouth fully correctly and the braces removed again so that they can enjoy coffee without any limitations. This is one of the best benefits of choosing clear braces. They can complete adjustments in your mouth in a much faster time than plastic trays. This will allow you to have the proper adjustments without an extended amount of time. Once removed, you can enjoy the coffee in any way you want without worrying about it impacting your smile or braces.

A professional orthodontist can guide you through the whole process and set up a consultation appointment to give you more detailed information.