Fix Your Daughter’s Self-Esteem And Overbite With Metal Braces

Many teen girls suffer from self-esteem issues that can make their lives difficult. Even worse, they may develop an overbite that makes them even more self-conscious than ever. Thankfully, high-quality metal braces can help avoid this problem and provide your daughter with a better self-image.

Overbites Can Be Embarrassing To Many

Overbites typically develop in children as they age and reach a peak during their teen years. Unfortunately, this period is typically when many teens experience their worst bouts of self-esteem issues, including sensitive girls who already think they are unattractive due to other perceived flaws.

Sadly, an overbite is only going to make a sensitive girl feel even worse about her appearance. While there is nothing to be ashamed of when having an overbite, she may feel self-conscious in front of others. Even worse, she might be teased for her appearance. Thankfully, this problem can be fixed with high-quality braces. 

Braces Can Help

Though some types of severe overbites may require specific oral surgery techniques to fix, other problems may be managed with braces. For example, some types of minor – thought visible – overbites may be helped by using braces to pull the teeth back into their proper position in the mouth.

Unfortunately, a teen girl suffering from self-image issues may rebel against wearing metal braces and demand invisible types. As a parent, you must insist that she try out metal braces because these provide the best possible outcome for correcting her overbite problem.

Metal Braces Work More Effectively

Though many teenagers may want to get clear braces or Invisalign braces to avoid the visibility common with metal braces, they may be doing themselves a disadvantage. While these types of clear braces work just fine over an extended period, traditional metal braces still provide the fastest and most effective way of managing dental issues.

As a result, a teen who is sick of her overbite may benefit more from metal braces than invisible types. These braces can be more easily adjusted by the orthodontist to provide pressure on specific areas of the teen's mouth. In this way, the overbite can be fixed more quickly and efficiently.

So parents of a teen girl with an overbite may want to seriously consider talking to her about metal braces. Though she may fight against it at first, let her know that these braces work more effectively and will improve her smile more efficiently. Contact a clinic, like Eberting Orthodontics, for more help.