Partial Dentures To The Rescue

If you have a few missing teeth, you might not need to be fitted with a full set of dentures. Partial dentures allow you to quickly and easily fill in a missing space, and it's budget-friendly too. It's not just about appearance — missing teeth can erode your jawbones and lead to a sagging appearance, so read on to find out more about partial dentures.

Smile Again

It's terribly embarrassing to have a missing tooth. Many of those with obvious missing spaces in the front no longer smile with ease and are even embarrassed to eat in public. There are several ways to fill in the gap where a tooth once sat, and they come at various price points. Implants can be costly but represent the most care-free option. They feel, look, and can be cared for just like your natural teeth. Bridges are another option — if you have healthy teeth on each side of the gap, your dentist can fit a faux tooth between them using wires. However, the wires may be visible, and cleaning around a bridge can be tricky. Partial dentures may be perfect for many.

The Facts About Partials

  1. Partials are created in a dental lab just like implants and dentures are. Your dentist takes an impression, and the lab uses various strong materials to create a tooth that looks just like the missing one. The partial is shaded to match your surrounding teeth. Partials can often be created in less than a week, depending on how busy the dental lab might be.
  2. You will be removing your partial tooth at night for cleaning. Most people can eat with a partial denture in but take care not to eat very hard or crunchy foods. Your partial will last longer if you use care when eating, so removing it while not in public to eat might be a good idea.
  3. A partial is made up of the visible false tooth which is attached to a plate that is gum-colored (pink) that rests against the roof or bottom area of your mouth. This plate also allows for ease in removing the parts for cleaning.
  4. If you must have teeth removed before being fitted with the partial, your dentist might advise you to wait for a week or so before the impression is made. That is to allow any swelling from the extraction to settle down. Fit, as with any dental device, is of utmost importance. A properly fitting partial will feel and perform better.

Find out more about partial dentures by speaking with your dentist and finding a new reason to smile again.

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