Upgrade Your Smile Via Dental Veneer Installation

Do you want to upgrade your appearance and pursue a hobby that involves being in the public eye? One of the first parts of your body that the public will notice is your face, especially if you are a singer or will be doing interviews. If your teeth are not in top shape, investing in cosmetic dentistry is wise, especially if your teeth are noticeably discolored or chipped. Dental veneers are a great way to get the perfect smile that will make a big upgrade in your appearance. Even if your teeth are already straight but too stained to whiten, you will not regret investing in dental veneers.

Why Dental Veneers Are Ideal for Upgrading a Smile

Dental veneers are ideal for upgrading a smile because they are one of the most natural-looking cosmetic options. For instance, if you get veneers, you will not have to remove them as with dentures. Veneers are also more natural than dental implants, and the reason is due to veneers not having fake tooth roots. Your natural roots will still be in place when the dental veneers are installed, as well as most of your natural enamel. After dental veneers are installed, you can smile without wondering if people think your teeth are fake.

How Dental Veneers Are Installed & the Risks Involved

The dental veneer installation process will begin with you consulting with a dentist about your teeth and learning about your veneer material options. The most ideal material for veneers is porcelain because it is one of the strongest materials. Installing the veneers includes the enamel of your teeth being slightly filed down and the veneers being bonded to the filed-down enamel. The risks of getting veneers are minimal, such as temporary gum inflammation and getting an infection. You must also know that getting the enamel of your teeth filed down to install veneers is irreversible.

The Durability of Dental Veneers After Installation

Dental veneers are a durable cosmetic dentistry option that can last for up to a decade or longer. After installation, you must take care of your teeth as usual without any special care needed. Be sure to regularly brush and floss your teeth to keep them beautiful and prevent gum disease. Set occasional dental appointments for checkups and to make sure you do not need treatment. You might want to get your teeth professionally cleaned every once in a while as well. 

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