2 Advantages Having Your Teeth Bonded Has Over Getting Veneers

If you are not happy with the appearance of your smile, you may be thinking about having some cosmetic work done on your teeth. Because the damage is superficial, such as minor cracks or chips in the enamel or discolorations of your teeth, you may be thinking about getting veneers.

However, if the imperfections of your teeth are minimal, you may want to consider having dental bonding done instead. There are a couple of advantages that having your teeth bonded has over getting veneers to help fix the appearance of your teeth.

1. Dental Bonding Is Less Invasive and Requires Fewer Alterations of Your Teeth than Veneers 

One advantage that dental bonding has over veneers is that having your teeth bonded is less invasive. When you go through the process of getting veneers, the dentist must first prepare the surface enamel, which often includes grinding or shaving it down beforehand.

However, with bonding, a composite resin is brushed onto the surface of the teeth without the need for alterations. This helps to keep the bonding procedure more comfortable and without the need for any local or general anesthesia to prepare the teeth, which is often needed for the preparation steps for veneers.

2. Bonding Does Not Require As Many Visits to the Dentist as You Would Need with Veneers

Another advantage that bonding has over getting veneers is that it does not require as many visits to the dentist. With veneers, the preparation of the teeth, fittings, and application of the veneers often require multiple visits.

However, with bonding, the entire application process can often be done in just one visit since you do not have to have extensive preparation of the teeth or be fitted for any appliances. Even if you include the follow-up visit to the dentist, there are fewer trips to the dentist that you have to deal with when you have your teeth bonded.

If you have minor imperfections on the surfaces of your teeth, such as small cracks, chips, or discolorations, dental bonding may be more beneficial for you than getting veneers. Bonding does not require as many alterations to your teeth as veneers, and the entire process is often done in one to two visits instead of multiple trips to the dentist. If you would like to learn more as well as discuss whether bonding is the better option for you, make an appointment with a cosmetic dentistry office in your area.