Coffee Enthusiasts: Benefits Of Clear Braces Over Plastic Aligners

Making permanent changes to your mouth can go a long way in protecting your smile, adding proper adjustments, and changing your oral health for the better. As an adult, it can be challenging to choose the proper braces for your daily life and living. Many adults opt out of traditional metal braces because of the obvious look that comes with them. This leaves two subtle options: clear braces or plastic aligner trays. Read More 

Complimentary Treatments That Can Quicken The Invisalign Process

If you have recently started speaking with your local orthodontist about tooth straightening and the use of Invisalign aligners to move the teeth, then you may be ready to start your dental beautification process as soon as possible. It will take about 12 months on average to straighten the teeth with the clear aligners. However, more complicated cases can take longer. If the straightening period is closer to two years than one, then you may want to work with your dental professional so that some complementary treatments can be provided to move the process along a bit more quickly. Read More 

Adult Tooth Erosion: What Is It And How Do You Protect Your Teeth From It?

If you're an adult concerned about your dental care, you may do all you can to keep your mouth clean and healthy. But one of the things you might not focus on is keeping your tooth enamel safe from erosion. Tooth erosion, also called dental erosion, occurs when the hard layer of enamel wears down from food acids and other causes. The problem leaves the tissues beneath your enamel vulnerable to bacteria and other dental hazards. Read More 

Hidden, Untreated Gum Disease: Is It The Cause Of Your Red, Tender Gums?

If your gums look red and swollen, you may wonder what's wrong with them and if you can do anything to make them look better. You most likely have a mild form of gum disease, or gingivitis. Although it doesn't happen with everyone, some people can experience gingivitis and not even know it. In many cases, untreated gingivitis can advance to periodontitis, the most severe form of gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss and other life-changing problems. Read More 

5 Pleasant Side Effects You May Experience When Using Invisalign

If you are considering invisalign trays, you may be worried that they are too restrictive. However, you will be happy to know that you can continue to eat and drink all of the things you currently eat and drink, but you may become more aware of your current habits. This can potentially lead to some positive side effects.  Weight Reduction  When you begin wearing invisalign trays, you will be instructed on how to use them. Read More