Loose Dental Implant Crowns - How Can The Issue Be Resolved?

If you have decided to go with a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, then your dentist will give you a great deal of information about the surgery, the implant root, and the crown tooth that will be added. Once the crown tooth is cemented in place, you may think that the implant process is over. However, this is not true. You will need to inspect the crown closely for any signs of distress. The movement of the crown is one such issue to look for. Keep reading to learn why the implant crown may loosen and what your implant professional will do about it.

Understanding Loose Implants

Dental implant crowns can loosen for a variety of reasons. The loosening will involve the crown itself or the implant root. If the implant root has loosened, then the crown on top will wiggle slightly. You are likely to notice small vertical movements, and you may feel some pressure underneath the crown where the root is shifting as well. This type of problem occurs when the implant root breaks away from the jaw bone. Failed osseointegration, bone loss after implantation, and trauma to the jaw are all causes of the issue. 

Sometimes the implant root will be strong and secure and only the implant crown will move. This happens when the crown breaks free from the abutment that sits on the top of the implant root. The abutments is a small screw device that cements to the crown. Once the crown is adhered, the abutment is screwed down into the implant. Poor adhesion of the abutment as well as pressure on the crown can cause abutment and the tooth to loosen. 

Fixing The Problem

Your dentist will need to complete imaging tests to determine if osseointegration failure or bone loss are causing the issue. Also, the implant will be visually inspected. If the implant root is loose, then your dentist will decide if the device needs to be removed. You may need to go through some bone grafting treatments and an additional surgery to have a new implant secured. 

If the crown itself is loose, then this is not a serious issue. Your dentist may simply need to secure the abutment a bit more strongly. The abutment may also need to be replaced. If this is the case, then you may also need a new crown as well. While this may be expensive, it allows you to retain your dental implant and to use your artificial crown as normally as possible.