Foods That You Can Continue To Enjoy With Invisalign

Getting braces can make a huge difference in the look of your smile, but the months that it takes to transform a crooked smile into a straight one can be challenging when it comes to the food that you eat. When you visit an orthodontist to get braces, he or she will provide you with a list of the foods that you'll no longer be able to eat. For many people, missing out on what might be a number of favorite foods can be one of the biggest challenges about having braces. If you decide to go the Invisalign route instead of get braces, however, one of the major differences is that because you remove your Invisalign aligners before eating, you can continue to eat the foods that you enjoy. Here are some things that you can't generally eat with braces, but that are safe to eat with Invisalign.


Popcorn is one of the biggest no-nos to eat when you have braces, because inadvertently biting into one of the hard kernels could cause damage to your orthodontic work. Fortunately, you can enjoy popcorn when you opt for Invisalign. While you'll always want to be careful to avoid hard kernels because they can potentially chip or otherwise harm your teeth, you won't have to hold off on this common snack food.

Corn On The Cob

Orthodontists generally ask you to cut corn off the cob before you eat it, which never seems to be as satisfying as slathering butter and salt onto the corn and enjoying it straight off the cob. When you have braces, however, corn on the cob is a dangerous food to eat. In addition to the corn often getting stuck in your braces, the risk of damaging your orthodontic work is high. With your Invisalign aligners set aside, you'll have no problem safely eating this summery food.

White Bread

Some dental professionals caution you against consuming white bread when you have braces. While this food won't do the damage that the above items can do, it can get stuck around your braces and be difficult to clean — even with thorough brushing. You'll then face a heightened risk of cavities as this starchy food begins to break down and hold harmful bacteria directly on your tooth enamel. White bread is safe to eat when you're undergoing Invisalign treatment as long as you make sure to carefully brush and floss your teeth before you put your aligners back in after your meal.