When You Can’t Control Your Blood Pressure But You Desperately Need A Dentist

The whole world of dentistry was turned upside down and on its head when it became mandatory to check patients' blood pressures before doing any restorative work on their teeth. Thousands of patients suddenly discovered that they had hypertension and that they would not have their cavities filled or their broken teeth fixed unless they could get their blood pressures under control. If you have hypertension, you cannot seem to get it under control through medication, diet, and exercise, and you desperately need to see a dentist, here is what you can do next.

Talk to Your Doctor

The doctor that prescribes and monitors your blood pressure medication is who you will need to talk to. He or she is already monitoring your blood pressure and trying to help you treat it. If he/she knows that you need to see a dentist badly, there are a couple of options he/she can provide to help you through the dentist's visit.

Increase Your Blood Pressure Medication 

Most doctors are willing to increase your blood pressure medication until your blood pressure is better anyway. This just happens to be a bit of a rush job, since you have teeth that need to be fixed and the dentist will not do it until your blood pressure is better. Schedule your dental appointment a month ahead. Then ask your doctor for an increase in the dosage of the medications you are taking now. By the time you see the dentist, your blood pressure should be good enough for the dentist to go ahead with whatever restorative procedures you need. 

Get a Doctor's Note for the Dentist

This sounds a little weird, but if you have slightly elevated blood pressure every time you encounter a medical professional, you might actually have "white coat syndrome." It means that anxiety about being in the same room with a doctor, dentist, or nurse causes your blood pressure to rise. If that is the case, your doctor can give you a note that attests to this fact. You give the note to your dentist, which clears him/her of liability related to elevated blood pressure during the procedures you need. This may help you get in to see a dentist much faster than you had anticipated. 

Ask the Dentist for a Waiver Form

Not many dentists will do this, but a waiver form does exist. Ask for it, read it, sign it, and give it back to the dentist. The form releases your dentist and his/her staff from all liability and harm IF the Novocain dangerously affects your blood pressure and/or you have to go to the hospital as a result. The form shows that you are taking a major risk and that you are not holding the dentist or his/her staff responsible for whatever happens.

Reach out to a dentist near you to learn more.