Tips For Adjusting To Dentures At A Young Age

Dentures are usually associated with older individuals, but if you did not take care of your teeth from an early age or had health issues like an eating disorder or drug addiction that may have frequently brought your teeth into contact with things like stomach acid or illicit substances, it's possible you may need dentures much sooner. But, with that said, getting dentures isn't the end of the world, and with a good dentist behind you, you can make the transition smoothly. Here are some tips for adjusting to dentures at a young age.

Ask About Immediate Dentures

When your remaining natural teeth are first removed, your dentist will likely want to wait a period of weeks or months for the shape of the mouth to adjust. There is always a transition after natural teeth are removed, and your dentist will not want to put permanent dentures in until your body is ready.

But, that doesn't mean you have to go for months with no teeth. Ask your dentist about immediate dentures which are a temporary solution that will allow you to get through the transition period.

Practice in Front of the Mirror

When you get your dentures, either immediate or permanent, take some time learning how to talk with them in your mouth. Dentures may shift a bit as you are getting used to them, and you may need to speak more slowly to get your point across with clarity.

Watch your mouth move as you speak carefully while facing a mirror. If you feel or see any clear movement of your dentures, slow down and try again. With a little practice, you can speak normally without worrying about your dentures shifting.

Stick with Softer Foods Before Ramping Up

Eating can also be a bit awkward when you first get dentures. You will want to stick with softer foods that won't be too much work for your new teeth. As you feel more comfortable chewing, you can gradually introduce new foods to your diet. Your dentist will probably give you a list of foods you should avoid entirely based on what kind of material your dentures are made from.

It's more than possible to continue having a normal life after losing your teeth at an early age. With a little time and practice, you can begin using dentures just as easily as you used your regular teeth. Contract a dentist such as Tony Parsley, DMD today for more information.