The Best Ways To Prevent A Chipped Tooth

Some foods are harder and more difficult to eat than others. If you're not careful, you might end up with a chipped tooth. If you know which foods to watch out for, you won't have to undergo a chipped tooth treatment or an emergency tooth extraction procedure. 

Enamel Is Not Indestructible 

Enamel is the strongest material in your body, but it does have its limits. If you bite down on something hard, it might cause even the healthiest tooth to fracture. But if your teeth are not kept in a good condition, it's even more likely that they will chip when you bite down on something. 

Be Careful What You Chew

Never chew on something unless it's food. Whenever you chew on something, there's a risk that you might damage your teeth. You should never use your teeth to tear open a package or puncture an item. You also shouldn't hold something in your mouth because you might bite down on it accidentally, chipping your tooth or damaging the item that you were carrying.

Beware of Bones

Be careful when eating meat that contains bones, such as a chicken leg. You might chip your tooth by biting down on the bone accidentally. However, when eating anything, chew cautiously. You never know when you might encounter something hard that shouldn't be there, such as something that might have fallen into your food.

Chew Carefully With Anything

Certain types of foods can be surprisingly destructive to your teeth. For example, corn on the cob might seem soft, but a lot of chipped teeth are the result of eating corn on the cob. 

Play Sports With Protective Equipment

If you play sports, make sure to wear a mouth guard if it is practical to do so. This is especially true when playing contact sports, such as football, wrestling and martial arts. You'll also want to wear a mouth guard at night if you are prone to grinding your teeth. 

Have Your Tooth Repaired Promptly

Falls and car accidents are another common source of chipped teeth. In some cases, these accidents cannot be avoided. However, you should take whichever safety precautions you can, such as wearing a seat belt. However, if you do suffer a chipped tooth, you'll want to visit a dental emergency center as soon as possible. You may not be able to save your tooth if it isn't repaired fast enough.