The Benefits Of Oral Technology

While going to the dentist is never a fun experience, you have to do so to ensure you have good oral health. Thanks to the advances in dental technology, procedures that used to require several visits to the dentist now only take one day. Technology is helping to make your dental visits more desirable. Here are some benefits of dental technology:

Less Pain

Many people avoid going to the dentist because they are afraid of the pain that may be involved. For example, laser dentistry is practically pain-free and is used for many different dental procedures. Lasers are used in procedures for both the teeth and gums. There is no drilling or anesthesia needed. Lasers also do not make as much noise as traditional drills used to remove decay. You can also go straight back to your regular life without the after-effects you typically have with traditional dentistry.

Same Day Results

If you have broken or missing teeth, you would normally have to make several appointments to have the teeth restored. You would also have to encounter many anesthetic shots and possibly months in recovery for tooth restoration. Thanks to the advances in 3-D imaging and crown printing, you can leave the dental office in one day with a perfectly restored smile. The 3-D technology is noninvasive and does not require impressions or temporary crowns as traditional tooth restoration does.

Better Diagnostics

X-rays are the traditional method used in dental offices to help diagnose problems in the teeth. However, many patients opt out of X-rays due to their expense and the possibility of radiation exposure. There are now digital X-rays that have improved the diagnostic process. The images will appear on the screen immediately so the dentist and patient can quickly see any issues in the teeth. Digital X-rays are more accurate and are less likely to expose patients to radiation.

You Can Be Involved

Modern dental technology also allows you to interact in the process. if you have ever wondered what the dentist can see during your procedure, you now have the option to see what is going on with intra-oral cameras. These small cameras let you see inside your mouth at the same time as the dentist is working. You can see any damage or areas you need to work on. This helps you better understand oral health and can result in a better dental hygiene routine.

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