4 Ways to Maximize Your Dental Insurance

Dental insurance pays part of your dental care costs, reducing the need to pay for them out of pocket. It covers regular checkups, cleanings, cavity fillings, and tooth extractions. The year is almost coming to an end, and this means that dental insurance plans are about to expire. Now is the perfect time to make the most of your plan's benefits. But how do you go about it? 1. Schedule Dental Visits in Advance Read More 

3 Common Dental Crown Problems

Dental crowns are an excellent restorative treatment after a root canal or other dental procedures. The crowns will help reduce your teeth's sensitivity to temperature and pressure, protecting your teeth from further damage. Moreover, your dentist can customize your crowns to fit your damaged tooth's size, shape, and appearance. Hence, you don't need to worry about the crown altering your natural aesthetics. Dental crowns can last for a long time, making the overall cost of the treatment inexpensive. Read More 

4 Effective Ways To Save Your Dental Implants From Peri-Implantitis

Tooth implant installations involve surgical procedures, which are usually successful. Your dentist will recommend keeping up with high oral hygiene to keep the bacteria at bay and avoid complications. Unfortunately, other predisposing factors like smoking, diabetes, and low bone density might increase the risks of peri-implantitis. If you experience pain, swelling, a loose implant, or halitosis after the treatment, you might want to seek help immediately. The following are ways used to treat implant infections successfully. Read More 

5 Common Questions About Dental Veneers

Do you have a problem with your teeth that is cosmetic, and you want to know how to fix it? Dental veneers may be on your radar as a solution to your problem. However, you likely have questions about this procedure before you decide to have it done.  What Problems Can Dental Veneers Fix? Dental veneers can be a great way to fix many problems with your teeth, such as when they don't look good but are still mostly healthy. Read More 

What’s Happening With Dental Implants

Some might not realize it, but dental implants have been around, in one form or the other, for a long time. Nowadays, though, you are more likely to sport a beautiful porcelain implant rather than a peg of wood like they used in centuries past. Research in new ways to give those with missing teeth a reason to smile again continues, so read on to find out what your dentist has been up to when it comes to dental implants. Read More